gold line foothill extension

The locations for the future stations and associated parking facilities were selected by the corridor communities and approved as part of the environmental review process, completed in March 2013. Currently, the project is undergoing advanced engineering and design to prepare for construction as early as 2017. Once completed, a trip from Montclair to downtown Pasadena will take just over 40 minutes and further to Los Angeles will take approximately 75 minutes. 


Connections: Foothill Gold Line from Glendora to Montclair - Where Will It Take You?


AA Role

The AA team supports the Authority with the implementation of a comprehensive outreach program. AA is focused on re-energizing the previously engaged stakeholders along the Azusa to Montclair corridor, as well as broadening public awareness of the project process to ensure widespread understanding of project development and implementation. Outreach efforts focus on messaging that clearly identifies the project purpose and benefits which include direct links between the current end of line at Azusa, to cities, major activity centers, and universities within the corridor.