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Gateway cities strategic
Transportation plan

The Gateway Cities Strategic Transportation Plan (STP) develops local resources and builds on previous transportation studies to create an integrated transportation system for the 27 cities in the Gateway Cities Subregion.  The STP enables individual cities to understand how their transportation plans and decisions impact neighboring cities and vice versa — how individual cities fit within the larger region.

via vision 2040
Long Range plan

The Vision 2040 Long Range Plan is focused on ensuring public transportation remains an essential part of the San Antonio, Texas region’s transportation solution as the community continues to grow and flourish.           

Urban greening plan

The Urban Greening Plan supports the creation of safe, healthy, and livable communities within the Los Angeles region through the enhancement of the public spaces.

supportive transit parking program

Metro is conducting a comprehensive study of its parking facilities at 48 transit stations across its LA County service area to develop a Supportive Transit Parking Program Master Plan. This plan will outline a vision for proactively managing Metro parking facilities.

Los Angeles/San Bernardino Inter-County Transit Study

The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), working with San Bernardino Associated Governments and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, is conducting a transit and rail planning study for the corridor between the eastern San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County and the western San Bernardino Valley in San Bernardino County.