The proposed new tolled median-to-median connector would provide a direct link between the 241 Toll Road in Orange County and the new 91 Express Lanes in Riverside County. The 241/91Express Connector is designed to reduce traffic congestion by offering an additional choice for drivers through the corridor, enhance safety by reducing weaving across the lanes, and improve access among the toll system network in Orange County and Riverside County.  The project is currently undergoing environmental review, with completion of final design anticipated in 2018.  If approved, construction could begin in late 2018. 


241 Toll Road Fly Over



AA is providing public outreach services for each of the project phases. For the first phase, AA supported TCA through its first environmental public review period in more than 10 years. A variety of approaches were used during the circulation period, including a public hearing, a virtual public hearing that was viewed more than 1,700 times, social media posts, email notices, newspaper advertisements, exhibits, fact sheets, and frequently asked questions.