AA Team Member Since 2013

Edgar Gutierrez,  Project Manager

Mr. Gutierrez has 10 years of community relations and land use experience having worked for various Southern California public agencies. For Arellano Associates, Mr. Gutierrez is a Project Manager responsible for community outreach services which involve strategic communication and message development, inter-agency relations, marketing, event coordination and implementation, and project organization.  He is currently managing several Metro passenger and commuter rail projects, and is also involved in the Southern California project sections of the California High-Speed Rail Program.  

Mr. Gutierrez has exhibited a tremendous ability to relate to both public and private sector clients, as well as evaluate their needs and offer excellent ‘real-time’ solutions. His professional services have been executed in the areas of transportation, air quality, land use, regional and national campaign development, as well as other policy and legislative projects. Mr. Gutierrez is a fluent Spanish speaker and is also proficient in reading and writing in Spanish.




Masters in City and Regional Planning, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, University of California,
Santa Barbara

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, University of California,
Santa Barbara