AA Team Member
Since 2000 

Laura Muna-Landa, Director of Projects

With 27 years of experience in a variety of government agencies, Ms. Muna-Landa brings a unique perspective to her projects using her proven skills and expertise in project management, stakeholder engagement, strategic communications, marketing, public policy, and  urban and transportation planning. A highly-sought after and detail-oriented project manager, Ms. Muna-Landa develops and administers tailored stakeholder engagement programs from initial stages to project completion. She is accustomed to working with a variety of partners including senior staff, elected officials, business leaders, grassroots community leaders and the community-at-large as reflected in some of her current projects including Metrolink Marketing and marketing for the opening of the 91 Express Lanes. Ms. Muna-Landa is known for her thorough knowledge of planning, environmental, design and construction projects and is currently directing outreach programs for Omnitrans’ West Valley Connector and several smart street planning projects for Los Angeles, Oceanside and Anaheim. 



Masters in Public Administration, California State University,
San Bernardino

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management, California State University, San Bernardino