Nextgen bus study

For the first time in 25 years, Metro is restructuring its entire bus system and designing a new bus network that is more relevant, reflective of and attractive to residents of Los Angeles County. The NextGen Bus Study is an 18-month, four-phase study focused on identifying a strategy to address the redesign of the countywide bus system. The objective of the study is to understand transit market demand in Los Angeles County, study the agency's current bus system and how well it serves current and potential customers and recommend how best to transform the system to be more relevant to what people need today. 


Arellano Associates will provide comprehensive outreach to 88 cities, nine sub-regions and over 10 million residents across Los Angeles County. Over the course of the study, AA will implement both traditional outreach in the form of meetings, briefings, charrettes, and advisory committees, as well as new and innovative approaches, such as, interactive online and social media engagement, interactive survey engagement, visual simulation and live webcast, and community events. AA will also collaborate with local communities through community/faith based organizations and local high school students to ensure representation of the entire community.