Gateway cities strategic transportation plan

The Strategic Transportation Plan brings together all elements of the transportation system in the Gateway Cities — freeways, arterial highways, transit, bikeways, pedestrian facilities, technology, and goods movement — into a unified vision for the future. It is the culmination of three years of data collection, modeling, analysis, engineering and stakeholder engagement. It also evaluates air quality impacts, stormwater treatment strategies, and presents preliminary freeway and arterial road designs for future consideration.  


Introduction to Gateway Cities Strategic Transportation Plan



AA developed education programs and training materials, including videos for each of the Strategic Transportation Plan elements, electronic News Briefs and News Magazines, webinars, Model Board Reports and other specialized briefing materials for the Gateway Cities Council of Governments (GCCOG) Board of Directors, Committees, City Councils and Staff of its 28 member cities.  As part of the plan, AA has extensively used technology tools to spread the word about the project and how it helps alleviate transportation issues throughout Southern California.

STP Portal (Story Map)

The STP Portal is your ultimate source of information on the project. This web-based educational tool includes interactive maps, videos, reports and images that can be easily shared and viewed from a single link.

STP Dashboard

The STP Dashboard contains information about all 8 elements of the plan, including reports, videos and meeting materials. This provides a concise and simple file sharing directory in a PDF format.