Digital Outreach


Digital Outreach

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GeoSocial Interactive Maps

The geo-social interactive map is a comprehensive public engagement and planning tool that integrates public user participation with geo-spatial data. It offers a dynamic GIS solution for organizations to securely display public and private spatial data to internal and external users. 

Story Maps

The GIS Story Map is an online tool that uses geography as a means of organizing and presenting information. The tool enables the user to combine narrative text with maps and multimedia content to tell the story of a place, event, project, or pattern in a geographic context.


Online Surveys

AA uses a variety of online survey tools including MetroQuest, TypeForm and SurveyMonkey to educate the public and collect cultivated input quickly.  Using online surveys, stakeholders are able to view projects maps, images and vote their preference based on questions.  

Text Surveys

Text surveys are effective tools for cities and organizations to conduct structured surveys and engage the public by text message, quickly and effectively. AA currently uses Textizen and Wire2Air text survey tools.


AA has used webinars as a highly interactive, engagement tool that features key project information in real-time. Webinars can provide a valuable educational resource focused on a specific topic or aspect of the project that is easily accessible by a diverse audience.  This could include a live, online presentation, video, and chat-session that can be recorded and made available for post-webinar access by all stakeholders.