VIA Vision 2040 long range plan

VIA Vision 2040 Long Range Plan is a blueprint for the future of public transportation in the San Antonio, Texas region. The Vision 2040 plan reflects the community’s priorities and is based on input received from 275 public meetings and events, and more than 10,000 survey responses and 6,300 individual comments. An ongoing community conversation with VIA customers, stakeholders, and residents of San Antonio, Bexar County, and surrounding communities helped shape the plan that calls for adaptive solutions today to meet tomorrow’s transportation needs.  


VIA Vision 2040 Long Range Plan



AA was responsible for developing a comprehensive online outreach plan for Vision 2040 project. This plan assisted VIA in proactively and strategically engaging current and potential riders, cooperating agencies, and stakeholder groups in developing the Vision 2040 Long Range Plan (LRP). AA used a variety of tools, including engagement activities, social media and digital engagement, and media to identify key audiences in San Antonio.

Vision 2040 Interactive Map

This interactive map provides the public with a user-friendly interface to learn about the project and its proposed alternatives, as well as adding their comments about different components of the Vision 2040 plan.

Vision 2040 MetroQuest Survey

This survey provides VIA with valuable insight into how citizens in the greater San Antonio region view public transportation, what their transportation priorities are, and what enhancements they would like to see for the future.