Metro is evaluating a potential new light rail transit system connecting southeast Los Angeles County to downtown Los Angeles via the abandoned Pacific Electric Right-of-Way/West Santa Ana Branch Corridor and a combination of local streets and private and Metro-owned rail right of way.

The study area stretches approximately 12 miles from Union Station to the Pacific Electric Right-of-Way/West Santa Ana Branch Corridor (PEROW/WSAB) in the City of Paramount, and then eight miles south along the PEROW/WSAB to the City of Artesia. The WSAB project will connect to multiple Metro transit lines and increase transit options for transit users from the Southeast county border cities, the Southeast Gateway Cities and Downtown Los Angeles.


AA developed and implemented a PPP that will serve as the blueprint for all outreach activities for the duration of the project. The PPP is designed to create opportunity for dialogue between Metro, the project team and the communities served by the project. As part of the outreach program, AA will coordinate and facilitate elected official and government agency briefings, community outreach meetings, city council presentations, public hearings, and community event outreach. AA will also develop all project notification and communication materials, project webpage, social and interactive media forums. All outreach strategies will be designed with the ultimate goal of completing a final project that is inclusive of public input. Our team recently completed a series of five public scoping meetings that attracted a total of 277 participants; 1,122 comments were received during the scoping period.