Caltrans is developing its 2018 Rail Plan, which will provide an exciting new framework for California’s rail network and set the stage for new and better rail and community connections in the State for the next 20 years and beyond.

The mission of the 2018 Rail Plan is to provide a safe, sustainable, integrated, and efficient California rail network that successfully moves people and goods while enhancing the State’s economy and livability.


AA is developing and implementing a Public Involvement and Stakeholder Outreach Program (PISOP) to support the development of the California State Rail Plan. This outreach program is designed to create public awareness and garner stakeholder input for this comprehensive statewide rail planning initiative as well as integrate with ongoing local transit plans and programs, including ongoing environmental studies.  As part of the PISOP, AA assists Caltrans with the development of the stakeholder database, program identity and CSRP branding, as well as website and media updates. In addition, AA provides targeted outreach support for the Native American outreach program and Stakeholder Advisory Committee. AA recently worked with Caltrans headquarters and districts as well as regional agencies to produce a series of public meetings throughout California to support the release of the draft plan in late 2017.