AA Team Member Since 2016

Yvette Ximenez,  Project Coordinator

Yvette Ximenez joins Arellano Associates after serving as an intern for Torrance Transit where she worked as part of a team to improve service on existing transportation routes. She provided assistance in marketing, research, data analysis, and public outreach. In addition, she provided coordination with department administrators and the city council, as well as with laborers and community stakeholders. For AA, Yvette serves as an Assistant Project Coordinator and provides strategic public outreach services for a variety of transportation, planning, and construction projects. Support tasks include database management, organization of public meeting venues and supplies, development and translation of collateral materials, and mail-out preparations. In addition, she provides updates to project e-blast communications programs, website notification, and public comment forums for AA projects.



Bachelor of Science in Public Policy, University of Southern California