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The Arellano Crew in a group photo at a company picnic


Some of the many clients that we serve and value

We believe positive change comes from communities that are informed and engaged.


employees educating the public


Our mission is to provide the most innovative and culturally-fluent outreach that collaboratively engages stakeholders and decision makers to support intentional, equitable, and inclusive community engagement.

employees at an event

Genoveva Arellano founded Arellano Associates in 1994 in response to a growing need for effective community outreach in Southern California. Her dedication and commitment to building more inclusive and just community relations inspired her colleague Chester Britt to join the firm shortly thereafter.  Together, their belief in the transformative potential of effective engagement and a commitment to delivering unparalleled service for their clients grew the firm from a handful of people in the 1990s to over 70 professionals three decades later.

Today, Arellano Associates is the preeminent community engagement firm in Southern California. We deliver unparalleled service to clients across the public and private sectors including cities, counties, governments, and transit agencies. Our expertise spans community outreach, government relations, digital engagement, GIS technology, and strategic planning. Over the years, we’ve grown and adapted to a changing world but our commitment to dialogue, empowerment, and our founding mission has never waivered. 


Arellano historical photo
a public awareness event
Arellano employee and a member of the public learning about new construction

“On behalf of all of us on the Sepulveda team, thank you so much for all your hard work leading up to the scoping period and through today's first scoping meeting. ... I know there have been a lot of late nights and weekends and early mornings, but your dedication, professionalism and seamless teamwork have really paid off to launch our scoping period successfully.”


Karen Swift 

Director of Community Relations, LA Metro

"I am continually impressed by the talented professionals at Arellano Associates. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting more of your growing team." 

Christina Byrne

Department Manager, Public Outreach, OCTA

"Arellano Associates Team – Huge thank you for leading the virtual meeting to be a success. The logistics and timing worked so well, and everything ran smoothly thanks to your preparation and facilitation. We’re lucky to have you as teammates on this project!"

Lila Singer-Berk

Project Planner, Toole Design

"Side note to the whole team: you guys are awesome!
Thanks for all you do and I’ve been so impressed by everything Arellano Associates touches."

Emily Grant

Angeles Link Senior Public Affairs Manager, SoCalGas

“I want to express my sincerest thank you to Arellano Associates for working with me LATE  last night to develop talking points for a meeting related to Eastside Phase 2. Thank you! You guys are the best!”

Lilian DeLoza-Gutierrez

Executive Officer, Community Relations, Local Government & Countywide Initiatives, LA Metro

"You guys at Arellano Associates were a standout on this contract, and made us all look good!  Truly amazing job on the project website, flyover video, and Public and CAC Presentations.  I’ve already shown the project website to other local agency clients to show them what’s possible."


Eric Spangler

Transportation Manager,  Michael Baker International

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