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Employee working with public

We are a professional communications firm that specializes in the transportation, clean energy, and water sectors. We bridge the gap between governments and the public, delivering a transparent and accessible communication process for our client's projects.  Creating opportunities where stakeholders have a voice in the development and decision-making process is key to building trust, encouraging collaboration, and mitigating disparities as we work to build a better California.


As passionate advocates for community engagement, we believe human connection is at the heart of lasting positive change. We know that well-informed and involved communities create a more equitable region and lay the foundation for a brighter future. Arellano Associates creates effective, culturally fluent messaging through traditional outreach, data-driven research, and innovative digital methods that engage communities across all facets of the development process:

  • Planning 

  • Environmental Review

  • Design & Engineering

  • Construction 


We believe the diversity and inclusion found across Southern California is a valuable resource. It improves our society, fosters innovation, and enriches our personal lives. That diversity is woven into the fabric of our company with equity as a guiding principle for the projects we lead. Since inception, we’ve worked to foster transparent and equitable outreach programs that position our projects to achieve maximum public participation from a representative diverse community.  Our Justice, Equity, Diversion and Inclusion (JEDI) Team thinks critically about how we engage communities and strategizes ways to:

  • Eliminate obstacles and create opportunities for the broadest possible participation 

  • Address systemic inequities 

  • Shape projects throughout the planning and development process with a focus on community needs and long-term benefits 

  • Boost input from historically underrepresented populations  

“Diversity is not a goal, it’s who we are.” – Genoveva Arellano  


Arellano employee at an event
map overview of city project
materials and marketing for a project


Our Innovations Team consists of creative and technical experts in:​

  • Graphic Design & Branding

  • Photography & Video Production

  • Post-Production & Animation

  • Social & Digital Media

  • GIS & Cartography


We leverage innovative technologies to help our clients address challenges, connect with a diverse group of stakeholders and community members with a variety of demographic backgrounds, lived experiences, and expertise to provide information in creative and dynamic ways.

Project overview map
Arellano Employee working with public
Arellano Employee working with public
Arellano Employee working with public
Arellano Employee working with public
Project map
mixer board and audio visual setup for an event
map of a project
informational graphics
public viewing informational boards


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