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Long Beach-East LA Corridor Mobility Investment Plan

The Long Beach-East Los Angeles Corridor Mobility Investment Plan project involves collaborative efforts between local residents, community-based organizations and advocates, transportation agencies, the Ports of LA and Long Beach, goods movement industry, labor, business, academic, and regulatory partners to address the challenges posed by increased traffic and aging infrastructure. Its mission is to develop a multimodal mobility investment plan for the corridor that improves regional mobility, safety, and air quality, while fostering economic vitality, social equity, environmental sustainability, and access to opportunity for LA County, particularly for the most impacted residents who live adjacent to I-710. Arellano Associates leads the outreach, engaging diverse audiences to inform planning and support consensus-building for equitable community benefits.

  • Managed logistics for 150+ Task Force, Committee and Working Group hybrid and virtual meetings

  • Executed a multilingual outreach campaign, engaging thousands of stakeholders via surveys and tools

  • Hosted inclusive meetings with materials and interpretation in Spanish, Tagalog, and Khmer.

  • Co-facilitated and fostered relationships for Metro’s first ever Community Leadership Committee (CLC), specializing in bilingual outreach and communication strategies

  • Distributed thousands of multilingual flyers to hundreds of locations for broad community reach.

  • Created and managed interactive tools for participatory feedback in in-person,virtual and hybrid meetings and the general public.


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